圖書暨資訊處 Office of Library and Information Technology

圖書館有獎徵答活動 北聯大四校圖書館週線上有獎徵答–我問你答 電子書聖誕市集 智取櫃之王 活動禮物加碼送 期刊大拍賣


The activity starts on 11/27 (Monday)

Prize redemption starts on 12/7 (Thursday) (Participants must pass the activity)




禮物內容:聖誕小熊、A4 L資料夾(角落生物、迪士尼主題)、日本文具大賞常勝軍品牌(KOKUYO Campus筆記本、KOKUYO x ANTERIQUE聯名復古中性筆、MONO日本蜻蜓牌自動筆、修正帶)

      Library quiz with prizes

How to play: Answer the questions online, Correct answers are marked as O while incorrect answers are marked as X to pass the participant must connect 5 O’s in a line, participants that fails to connect the O’s in a line cannot pass.
Date of activity: 27/11/2023(Monday) ~ 8/12/2023(Friday) onwards, Online Q&A.
Prize redemption date:

7/12/2023 from 12:20 to 7:00 (The duration is extended until 7 pm)
8/12/2023 from 8:30 to 16:30

Location: Reference service counter on the second floor of the library
How to redeem your prize: Once you’ve passed the activity, kindly visit the reference service counter with your student ID or Staff ID to claim your prize, Each person is limited to one prize, and the prize must be chosen on the spot with no option for exchange. Prize availability may vary, and exchanging is forbidden. For the sake of fairness, you can't collect the prize without your ID card, and you can't collect it on behalf of others!

Prize details: Gift contents: Christmas bear, A4 L folder (Sumiko Gurashi themed, Disney themed), award-winning Japanese stationary brand (KOKUYO Campus notebook, KOKUYO x ANTERIQUE co-branded vintage rollerball pen), MONO Japan Tombow dragonfly brand automatic pens, correction tape).

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